‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Series 5, Episode 6 (TV)



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I love this ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episode! This is one of my favourites! In this episode, Hyacinth is excited about going to a country house sale. But Richard is terrified, since he knows that Hyacinth will get carried away with what they purchase at the auction. But will Hyacinth listen to Richard? No!

Hyacinth is very naive and thinks that they can afford anything when they go to somewhere aristocratic like a country manor house. She considers herself as somebody important and wants people to mistake her for being pretty aristocratic. She tells Richard not to tell anyone else otherwise.

Also in this episode, Onslow; Daisy and Rose get woken up in the middle of the night with Mrs. Braddock knocking at their door. It seems Daddy ‘promised’ to marry Mrs. Braddock, whereas he offered her a ‘temporary position’. Mrs. Braddock lives in Onslow’s car, whilst the dog has run away.

I liked the scenes in Onslow’s house where he and Daisy are having bacon butties and cups of tea. I fancy having a bacon butty now! 😀 It was very funny when Onslow checked outside to see if Mrs. Braddock was about and she shouts at him when in the car. It causes Onslow to fall onto the hedge.

Meanwhile at the auction, Hyacinth and Richard see Elizabeth and Emmet at the auction when they’re trying to hide behind a Victorian screen. It was very funny when Hyacinth tries to bid for items they can’t afford and Richard stops her raising her hand. She even tries to stand up from her seat.

Eventually, Hyacinth wins several bottles of ‘the Dowager Lady Ursula’s homemade gooseberry wine’ at the sale. Hyacinth soon gets drunk from having some wine. It was funny to see Hyacinth in that state, even when they go to Onslow’s. This episode also guest stars Bruce Montague as His Lordship.

‘Series 5, Episode 6’ rating – 10/10

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