‘The Boy Friend’ (TV)



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In this ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episode, Hyacinth is thrilled when she hears that Emmet is doing a musical production of ‘The Boy Friend’, featuring music from the 1920s. She does everything she can to get Emmet to cast her in the lead. Emmet is terrified, even when he and Liz are invited to coffee.

This is a fairly decent episode of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ with some enjoyable humorous moments. Even the moment at the beginning of the episode where Jeremy Gittins as the Vicar rides on a bicycle and falls over after Hyacinth calls out to him was funny. He and Emmet escape together.

The episode also has Daisy trying to spend some time with Onslow whilst Rose and Daddy are out for the day. She brings him breakfast in bed, but Onslow doesn’t seem interested. Even when she does ‘The Stripper’ dance in front of Onslow (which Morecame and Wise do better), Onslow isn’t aroused.

Eventually, Daddy returns and believes himself to be back in the war again. He dresses up as a soldier wearing a gas mask and defends the house, threatening Onslow with a bayonet in the process. Very soon, Hyacinth turns up and manages to snap Daddy out of it with a shout that works.

The episode concludes with Hyacinth and Daisy talking about the men in their life as well as Onslow asking Richard about sharing a bed with Hyacinth. These different points of view were intriguing. I felt sorry for Richard as Hyacinth didn’t think he’s attractive anymore, as she’s in a world of her own.

‘Series 5, Episode 7’ rating – 7/10

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