‘A Barbecue At Violet’s’ (TV)



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In this episode, Hyacinth continues to try and get the leading role in Emmet’s musical play, ‘The Boy Friend’. But that changes when Hyacinth receives a phone call from Violet’s. Hyacinth offers to entertain at Violet’s house, which goes disastrously wrong when Violet and Bruce quarrel together.

My favourite moment in the episode is when Hyacinth tries to get into a phone box to call Emmet whilst he’s at rehearsals for ‘The Boy Friend’. Somebody else has got in the phone box before her and she tries to get him out. Richard shouts at Hyacinth to get back into the car. She obeys, shocked.

Eventually Hyacinth, Richard and Elizabeth get to the church hall where Emmet’s doing ‘The Boy Friend’ rehearsals. Very soon, Hyacinth invites Elizabeth and Emmet as well as the Vicar and his wife to his sister Violet’s for evening entertainment. And they have no choice in that matter when invited.

It was funny when Violet and Bruce are arguing with each other that Hyacinth tries to cover up the noise by having Emmet and Liz with the Vicar and his wife singing songs from cardboards she holds up. The evening entertainment ends up being a barbeque at Violet’s before ending taking a Chinese.

Also in this episode, Onslow, Daisy and Rose discover that Daddy is standing in a bucket of horse manure. Daddy soon takes the bucket of manure with him to Violet’s. When the barbeque at Violet’s goes out of control, Hyacinth assumes the bucket that Daddy has is water and throws it on the fire!!!

This episode has some pretty humorous moments throughout. It was nice to see Violet appear in this episode with Bruce, although most of the time they constantly argue with each other and threaten each other with death. This contrasts so differently to Violet and Bruce in previous seasons.

‘Series 5, Episode 8’ rating – 7/10

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