‘The Rolls Royce’ (TV)



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This has to be one of the best episodes from Series 5 of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. In this episode, Hyacinth storms out of a craft’s fair, outraged, because she won second prize for her craft instead of first. She’s also frustrated with the first prize winner Lydia Hawksworth, especially with her new car.

Very soon, Hyacinth sets her sights on a brand-new car much against Richard’s objections. They visit a car sales store and Hyacinth is enamoured by a shiny, expensive Rolls Royce. Despite Richard’s attempts to take Hyacinth away, they’re caught up in the sale of the Rolls Royce by Timothy Carlton.

Timothy Carlton plays the salesman in this episode. I’m not familiar with Timothy Carlton as an actor, although he happens to be the husband of Wanda Ventham and the father of Benedict Cumberlatch. Very soon, Hyacinth and Richard are given a chance to ‘drive out’ a sample with the Rolls Royce car.

But whilst Timothy Carlton is on the phone to someone, Hyacinth persuades Richard to drive the car out of the cars sale store. They soon end up at a country hotel, where Hyacinth knows Lydia Hawksworth has her tea and coffee there. It turns out Hyacinth is wanting to show off against Lydia.

This demonstrates how particularly snobbish and silly Hyacinth can be, as she has no interest in purchasing the Rolls Royce car but wanting to get back at Lydia Hawksworth in the snobbish competition. It all ends in disaster, as Hyacinth and Richard are soon arrested by the police for stealing the Rolls Royce.

The episode also features a sub-plot of Onslow, Daisy and Rose taking Daddy out on a trip to ‘Africa’. I enjoyed this sub-plot a lot, especially when they end up at the country hotel where Hyacinth and Richard are. Hyacinth becomes embarrassed as he and Richard make to hide from Onslow and party.

‘The Rolls Royce’ rating – 9/10

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