‘Looking at Properties’ (TV)



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This episode is what I would call the first of a two-parter in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, although both this and the next episode are standalone. This episode actually continues the mini story arc with Hyacinth and Richard searching for a small place in the country, which started in ‘Country Retreat’. 🙂

The episode starts with John Pythian as a police constable coming to the door of the Bucket residence to inform Hyacinth that her Daddy has been arrested at the local police station. Hyacinth is pretty distressed to hear it, fearing Daddy being arrested at the police station will be in the papers.

What I find astonishing is that Hyacinth gets embarrassed with uniformed policemen coming to her house door. She expects more superior policemen in civilian clothes (you know, like ones from ‘Inspector Morse’ and ‘Midsomer Murders’ to come to her door). Why must she be picky about it? 😐

Hyacinth refuses to go and pick Daddy up from the local police station. She sends Richard off to pick him up instead. But Richard wants to go with Hyacinth to prevent her buying anything expensive regarding buying a place in the country. Hyacinth is insistent he goes. Richard grudgingly complies. 😐

There are some guest stars that I recognised whilst watching this episode. First, there’s Terrence Hardiman as Eric, a friend of Richard’s from an old club. He would go on to guest star in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘The Beast Below’ and in the Big Finish audio adaptation of ‘The English Way of Death’.

He’s also well-known for playing ‘The Demon Headmaster’ in the original 1990s TV series. There’s also Stuart Fell as a driver whom Hyacinth stops when he’s driving fast. Stuart was a stuntman in the classic ‘Doctor Who’ TV series. He’s come a long way from being a Sontaran in ‘The Invasion of Time’.

There’s also George Webb as Daddy, who gets his first credited appearance in the TV series and he actually speaks, which is rare. Daddy does something to Richard’s car. Onslow, Daisy and Rose give Richard a lift to the place where Hyacinth’s found their new little home in the country called Marston Hall.

I think Richard must be relieved that Hyacinth didn’t purchase the whole house since it’s divided into flats. She’s only bought one flat. Still, Hyacinth should have waited for Richard before she signed anything. Jennifer Clulow guest stars as the estate agent and John Arnatt (who was also in ‘The Invasion of Time’) guest stars as Sir Edward. 🙂

‘Looking at Properties’ rating – 8/10

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