‘What to Wear When Yachting’ (TV)



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I really like this ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ episode! This is the finale to Series 3 and it has Hyacinth and Richard going out on a yacht. This episode was pretty funny to watch and I loved it when Hyacinth and Richard tried to drive a boat out on the river and it disastrously goes wrong in the end.

Early on in the episode, there’s a really funny bit that I enjoyed with Onslow. It’s when he asks Rose whether she bought any beer and she tells him she didn’t. Onslow is pretty annoyed by this. The way Geoffrey Hughes says his line “I’m sitting here completely surrounded by no beer!” is very superb. 😀

The episode features a special guest appearance of Ian Collier as the sales assistant of a clothes shop Hyacinth and Richard visit. Ian played Omega in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Arc of Infinity’ as well as the Big Finish audio drama ‘Omega’. Ian also played Stuart Hyde in the adventure ‘The Time Monster’. 🙂

In the episode, Ian’s role is to help to choose some appropriate seaman clothes for Richard to wear on the yacht that he and Hyacinth have for the weekend. Hyacinth isn’t impressed with the pullover Richard selected for the weekend. Hyacinth has gone to the effort of looking really seafaring-like. 😀

However, Richard isn’t happy with the clothes he’s been given. He has to wear white shorts and he doesn’t like it. But Hyacinth insists that he must appear very seaman like on their yacht. I think Richard looks okay in his white shorts, though others like a youth make rueful comments about him.

Hyacinth can be so over-the-top when she gets too excited about going on their yacht and saying ‘seaman’ phrases. Like Richard, I tended to cringe at times. Hyacinth is disappointed when Richard doesn’t know many seaman phrases. Honestly, Hyacinth does expect a lot from people sometimes. 🙂

It was very funny when Richard and Hyacinth realised that it was the wrong boat they found and that Contessa II is actually a smaller vessel. It was equally funny when Richard drove the boat backwards and Hyacinth chased after him to come back. There’s a lot of confusion over the controls.

Eventually, Hyacinth ends up in the river. This made me laugh a lot. Elizabeth and Emmet who were invited to Hyacinth’s yachting weekend are amused to see Hyacinth and Richard wet after falling in the river. Hyacinth announces that they’re all going home and they’ll have some fish and chips. Nice!

‘What to Wear When Yachting’ rating – 9/10

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