‘Brats’ (Film)



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Daddy Laurel & Hardy and Little Laurel & Hardy

This is another good film where Laurel and Hardy play their sons who look exactly like them.

With clever camera work for its time, this is a pleasant short film that can be enjoyed over again and again. There are two versions of this film. There’s the black and white version and the colour version.

‘Brats’ has Laurel and Hardy playing both themselves as adults and as little boys. I loved it when they’re little boys; playing building blocks and being very rough with each other like their fathers are.

I loved it when Ollie threatens the two boys to go to bed if they don’t behave. They end up breaking something and their dads are pretty mad about it. The boys get sent up to their rooms.

One moment I found funny was when Stan and Ollie leave the boys’ room and talk about how important it is to be kind to them. Ollie says “A little kindness goes a long way!” And he’s right…!

Ollie goes the long way when he trips over some roller skates and rides down the stairs to the bottom. Seeing him go down with his legs up in the air was so funny and weird at the same time.

I loved it when little Stanley and Oliver fight it out with boxing gloves and they try bluffing to their fathers by sleeping in their beds. They get discovered when Stan and Ollie come back in again.

By the end, Ollie and Stan try to get their boys to sleep. I loved it when Ollie sings “Go to sleep, my baby!” He’s winning to get the little boys to go to sleep until Stan interrupts to wake them again.

‘Brats’ rating – 10/10

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