‘Busy Bodies’ (Film)



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Laurel & Hardy At A Saw-Mill

The ‘A Job To Do – Classic Shorts’ DVD is good collection of ‘Laurel & Hardy’ short films!

The DVD contains some of the funniest episodes ever made with Laurel & Hardy and they have a theme of Stan and Ollie doing a job. ‘The Music Box’ is my favourite out of this DVD collection as well as for a few others. This DVD will not disappoint you and it’ll not make you stop laughing!

The first film of the collection is ‘Busy Bodies’. There are two versions of this film. There’s the original black-and-white version and the colour version.

‘Busy Bodies’ a pretty good short film where Stan and Ollie work at a saw-mill. I love how the episode opens with Stan and Ollie on their way to work in the car and enjoying the sunshine in the morning. They play music in the car on a LP record player in the car’s engine which was funny.

I liked it when Stan and Ollie arrive and play a joke on Charlie Hall. Charlie doesn’t take the joke and gets mad when Stan and Ollie accidentally fall on top of him. Stan pays back on Charlie as he gets him to smoke a cigar in a place where no smoking is allowed. Thus, Charlie gets thrown out!

I enjoyed it when Ollie tries to get a window to open and shut and jams his fingers in it with Stan’s help. Then ensues a funny sequence where Stan tries to get Ollie out of the jammed window but can’t. Even Stan looking at a blueprint doesn’t help him and it’s the wrong blueprint.

Ollie is soon freed from the window and he continues with his work. But he gets sawed upon by Stan on the bum of his trousers which was funny. Stan gets a whack on the head by Ollie with a saw which felt painful for me. But Stan gets back at Ollie, as he sticks a paintbrush on Ollie’s chin.

Stan does everything he can to remove the paintbrush off Ollie’s chin. He even gives Ollie a barber’s job with a hose pipe, soap and a sharp razor. Ollie gets the paintbrush off his chin, but he’s soon sent through the chute where all the wood gets shredded and Stan has to rescue him.

‘Busy Bodies’ is a really good ‘Laurel & Hardy’ short film as it has plenty of laughs. I have fond memories watching this short when I was young and it still manages to entertain me to this day.

‘Busy Bodies’ rating – 9/10

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