‘Dirty Work’ (Film)



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Up the Chimney with Laurel & Hardy

This is another classic short film with two versions – the black-and-white version and the colour version.

‘Dirty Work’ has Stan and Ollie as chimney sweepers. They get to do a job at the house of an eccentric scientist named Professor Noodle. I liked it when Stan and Ollie do the job. It ends with Ollie going up on the roof before he falls through the chimney and ends up in the fire place.

There are lots of moments that I found funny with Stan and Ollie. I found it funny when Stan and Ollie get covered in soot as they go up and down the chimney. It’s painful when Ollie gets fed up with Stan and says the classic line “I have nothing to say!” and he treats him badly with a spade.

Stan and Ollie are led into the house by a butler named Jessop. Jessop is a dreary old soul who works for his master, the Professor. He tends to be sarcastic when he guides Stan and Ollie on where everything is. He’s not impressed with the Professor’s work either when he watches him.

I found the Professor extremely funny. He’s been working on his scientific solution for nearly two years and has reached his breakthrough. He intends to rejuvenate human life as we know it and gets ecstatic when his solution works and he shows it to Stan and Ollie in their grubby state.

Stan and Ollie try out this new solution of the Professor’s, for themselves, on a trout-like fish to make it younger. By accident, Stan bumps into Ollie and he falls into the bath of water with the solution in it. A huge bubble bath takes place and very strangely Ollie returns as a chimpanzee.

I found it funny when Stan tried to talk to Ollie, but he refuses speak to him. “Don’t you know me? Won’t you speak to me?” asks Stan. “I have nothing to say!” Ollie replies. Poor Stan!

‘Dirty Work’ rating – 9/10

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