‘Double Whoopee’ (Film)



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Laurel & Hardy as Hotel Bellboys

This is a silent short film in black and white.

‘Double Whoopee’ is a funny silent film where Stan and Ollie go to work as bellboys at a posh Broadway hotel. They do their best to be good as bellboys, but they muck it up when the guests leave the hotel and when they’re escorting a lady guest into the hotel and she loses her clothing.

Ollie also gets on a taxi driver’s nerves and it turns out to be Charlie Hall. Ollie blows his bell to call a taxi by accident twice when Charlie in his taxi cab turns up. Ollie also picks on Stan for stealing his money and he gets told off by Tiny the policeman, as he walks by to patrol the hotel.

There’s also a certain Prince and Prime Minister who visit the hotel. The Prince and the Prime Minister end up falling down to the bottom of the lift shaft and they get themselves dirty and filthy. This is when Stan and Ollie use the lift. Those moments make me laugh every time I see it.

‘Double Whoopee’ rating – 8/10

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