‘Hog Wild’ (Film)



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Fixing a Rooftop Aerial with Laurel & Hardy

This short film also contains two versions – the black-and-white version and the colour version.

‘Hog Wild’ is another funny episode and concerns the efforts of Stan and Ollie to fit a rooftop aerial. I loved how the episode begins as Ollie demands “Where is my hat?!” and doesn’t realise he’s wearing it already. I also loved the scenes where Stan and Ollie are on the rooftop together.

Ollie always ends up in the pond outside their house. He gets annoyed by Stan’s question, “What did you go down for?!” which was so funny. I also found it funny when, by the end, Ollie climbs up the ladder to his house and he’s on it whilst Stan accidentally drives the car into town.

Ollie’s wife is a pretty fierce woman in this film. She doesn’t help telling Ollie that he’s got his hat on his head and is mean when she forces him to sort out the radio, since she’s fed up with Ollie being ‘too indisposed’. Like many of Ollie’s wives, she hits him on the head with something.

Ollie’s wife doesn’t seem to be swayed or bothered by the fact that Stan and Ollie are causing a mess and ruining the chimney when it collapses into the pond. She’s also not very concerned about Ollie’s well-being. She’s very upset when the radio gets taken away by the end of the film.

It was funny when Ollie’s wife suggests to him that he’d leave the aerial as he’s making a mess of it. But Ollie becomes stubborn as he’s determined to get that aerial working if it’s the last thing he’ll do. Ollie also gets mean with Stan when he’s stressed out, and threatens to ‘break his neck’.

It was funny when Stan tries to get his car going but can’t, with Ollie and Ollie’s wife with him. A tram crashes into the back and scrunches the car pretty bad. But Stan manages to get it moving.

The ‘A Job To Do – Classic Shorts’ DVD collection is fantastic as it contains one of the best episodes from the ‘Laurel & Hardy’ film series. ‘The Music Box’ is certainly a favourite of mine as well as ‘Busy Bodies’ and ‘Dirty Work’. You’re bound to enjoy this ‘Laurel & Hardy’ DVD as it’ll make you laugh so out loud.

‘Hog Wild’ rating – 8/10

‘A Job To Do – Classic Shorts’ DVD rating – 9/10

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