‘On The Wrong Trek’ (Film)

Sons of the Desert


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A Charley Chase Film With Laurel & Hardy


This is a short black-and-white film starring Charley Chase. It doesn’t have any relevance to ‘Sons of the Desert’ really, apart from the fact Charley Chase guest starred in the film with Laurel & Hardy.

I don’t really watch this short film much as I saw it once. It was funny but it wasn’t the same as watching the ‘Laurel & Hardy’ films. I can’t remember the film, so I can’t give a detailed review on it.

Stan and Ollie make a cameo appearance in Charley’s film. They’re hitchhiking for a lift and Ollie gets annoyed with Stan when he slaps him for hiking his thumb the wrong way which was funny to see.

The story is about Charley having a vacation with his family in California, which ultimately ends in a disaster. I do remember that Charley got beaten up by some big guy during his holiday in the film.

The ‘Sons of the Desert’ and Related Shorts’ DVD is superb featuring the most celebrated film of the ‘Laurel & Hardy’ collection. ‘Sons of the Desert’ is one of my favourite L&H films. I remember me and my best friend from school doing our own silly version of ‘Sons of the Desert’ when we were young and recorded it on a cassette tape.

If you like ‘Laurel & Hardy’, then you can’t miss out on this one. It’s funny and cleverly made with Laurel and Hardy delivering brilliant comedic performances that prove they are the best comedy duo!

‘On The Wrong Trek’ rating – 5/10

‘Sons of the Desert’ and Related Shorts’ DVD rating – 8/10

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