‘Sons of the Desert’ (Film)

Sons of the Desert


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Stan and Ollie are the Sons of the Desert

This is review is for Stephen, my best friend from school.

I really like the ‘Sons of the Desert’ and Related Shorts’ DVD as it contains one of the best films made. It’s a favourite of mine and is a favourite of my best friend, Stephen, from the ‘Laurel & Hardy’ film series. I highly recommend this DVD as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. You can’t beat good comedy like this!

(sings) “Honolulu baby, where’d you get those eyes, And that dark complexion, I just idolize…”

This film is such a classic and Stan and Ollie are outrageously funny in every scene. There are two versions of this film. There’s the black-and-white version and the colour version which I’ve both enjoyed.

Stan and Ollie attend their club called ‘The Sons of the Desert’. They’re looking forward to a convention in Chicago, but have to swear an oath to attend the convention which can’t be broken.

Stan is reluctant to take the oath as he feels his wife won’t let him go. It turns out Ollie’s wife won’t let him go either. Will Stan and Ollie be able to go to the convention or will they get into big trouble?

I like the first scene where Stan and Ollie try to get into their houses. Ollie tries to call at Stan’s and Stan happens to be in Ollie’s. Stan locks Ollie out and Stan locks himself out before going into Ollie’s house.

The word ‘convention’ is familiar to me as I go to ‘Doctor Who’ conventions. I find it funny when Ollie and his wife bicker since she wants to go the mountains whereas he wants to go to the convention.

I really love Stan and Ollie’s journey in this film. They’re very keen to go to the convention and have to find a way to get out of their commitments to their wives. I liked the differences between them.

Stan tries to be honest when thinking about going to the convention and telling his wife. Ollie tries to be deceitful and works on lies to get him and Stan to go to the convention without his wife knowing.

Ollie tries to be ill to deceive his wife, which was funny as he constantly groans in his fake illness. It was funny when Stan groans too and when he gets Ollie the barometer instead of the thermometer.

When examined by a doctor, it is suggested to Ollie’s wife that he should take a trip to Honolulu. The plan works and Ollie and Stan get to go off to the convention to enjoy and have a nice time there.

But on their return, they find out that the ship from Honolulu has sunk through a typhoon. Realising that they’ve been found out, Stan and Ollie hide from their wives and end up sleeping in the attic.

The cast are brilliant. Charley Chase guest stars as one of the attendees at the convention. Charley’s funny as he’s enjoys himself too much at the convention when Stan and Ollie share a table with him.

There’s Mae Busch as Mrs. Hardy, Ollie’s wife who he calls ‘Sugar’. Ollie’s wife is pretty aggressive as she threatens Ollie to go to the mountains with her, not the convention. She goes berserk later.

There’s Dorothy Christy as Mrs. Laurel, Stan’s wife called Betty. Betty’s a calmer and more forgiving person compared to Ollie’s wife, though she likes to go duck-hunting and carries a shot-gun with her.

The song sung at the convention in ‘Sons of the Desert’ is ‘Honolulu Baby’ which I liked. It’s funny when Stan and Ollie sing the song to their wives as they return home but find that they are not there.

‘Sons of the Desert’ is a brilliant ‘Laurel & Hardy’ film that’s truly cherished. The reason why I like this film so much is that it’s so cleverly-crafted and features superb performances by Laurel and Hardy.

This film is such a good example of how being a liar isn’t always necessarily a good thing. “Honesty is the best policy” says Betty to Stan; or as Stan says “Honesty is the best politics” which is very funny.

‘Sons of the Desert’ rating – 10/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Sons of the Desert’ (Film)

  1. timelord007

    Brilliant review Tim, as you know Laurel & Hardy are my favourite comic duo.

    My favourite short is The Music Box, all they have to do is deliver a piano, what follows is 20 minutes of pure comedy gold.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks for your comments, Simon. Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘Sons of the Desert’. I’m glad they’re your favourite comedy duo too.

    I hope to post my DVD review of ‘The Music Box’ as that’s my favourite too. Tim. 🙂



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