‘The Finishing Touch’ (Film)



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Laurel & Hardy are the Builders


This is another short silent film in black-and-white, where Stan and Ollie are builders.

I enjoyed ‘The Finishing Touch’ very much, as Stan and Ollie try to build a house for someone without disturbing a hospital nearby. I loved it when Stan and Ollie bicker with each other and kick each other in the ‘bots’ or throw planks of wood at each other, causing more noise and disturbances.

Stan and Ollie get watched by Edgar Kennedy as a police officer, who tells to keep quiet and not to make too much noise. I found it funny when they did the sound effects for Stan and Ollie hushing each other. Kennedy gets it rough, since glue-covered planks of wood fall on top of him.

Eventually Stan and Ollie finish the job and get their reward money from the man paying them. But a bird lands on a chimney and the whole house collapses. The man asks for his money back, to which Stan and Ollie refuse. This causes a funny ‘game’ of piggy-in-the-middle between them.

‘The Finishing Touch’ rating – 8/10

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