‘The Music Box’ (Film)



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The Music Box with Laurel & Hardy

This is my favourite ‘Laurel & ‘Hardy’ short film from the entire series!

‘The Music Box’ is a brilliant non-stop comedy film from start to finish. There are two versions of this film – the black-and-white one and the colour one. Stan and Ollie are delivery men here as they have to deliver a piano to somebody’s house ‘on top of the stoop’, up a huge flight of stairs.

Stan and Ollie have a hard time trying to get the piano to the top of the stairs, overcoming obstacles such as a woman with a baby; a berating police officer and a ratty old professor who think’s highly of himself. It gets funnier when they reach the house and get the music box inside.

Billy Gilbert guest stars as the Professor in this film. He meets Stan and Ollie on the stairs with the piano and asks them to move out of the way. Ollie suggests he ‘walk around’ and I found it very funny when the Professor is so appalled by this suggestion and says “What, walk around?!”

When Stan and Ollie reach the top, they’re told by Charlie Hall the postman that they didn’t need to carry the piano up the stairs. They could have gone in their horse and carriage up the hill on the road instead. Stan and Ollie are abashed and go back to try again which is very funny.

I enjoyed it when Stan and Ollie try to get the piano into the house. I laughed when Ollie walks into and falls onto the piano and also when Stan brings in a ladder and pokes Ollie in the eye. It was funny when Ollie gets inside the house and Stan whistles to tell him that somebody’s home.

I loved it when the film ends with Ollie telling the Professor to ‘just sign here’ for the piano. Stan gives the pen to the Professor and it squirts all over his face. Stan and Ollie run out of the house.

‘The Music Box’ rating – 10/10

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