‘Twice Two’ (Film)



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Laurel with Ollie Wife and Hardy with Stan Wife

This is another funny short comedy film where Laurel and Hardy play female versions of themselves.

The female versions of Stan and Ollie are ‘Sis’ and Fanny and they both have put-on female voices. There are two versions of this film. There’s the black and white version and the colour version.

It’s the first anniversary of L&H’s marriage to each other’s sisters. Stan married Ollie’s sister Fanny while Ollie married Stan’s sister ‘Sis’. They try to celebrate their anniversary before it goes wrong.

I found Laurel as his sister really funny especially when she speaks in that high pitch voice provided by Carol Tevis. She makes her sound so silly and funny whenever she speaks or giggles.

I enjoyed Hardy as his sister, voiced by Mae Wallace. I loved it when they’re on the phone to their husbands. I also loved it when the two wives sort out the table and the cake ends up on Fanny.

I found it funny when Stan tries to get strawberry ice cream but it turns out they haven’t any. I learnt more about different flavours of ice cream like tooty-fruity; chocolate and vanilla from this.

I enjoyed it when they’re all at the table, having dinner. The two wives are bickering and insulting each other during dinner. Fanny calls Stan’s sister a ‘hussy’ and Sis gets very upset about it.

My Dad loves this short ‘Laurel & Hardy’ film just as much as I do. It contains some really funny moments and it’s wonderful to see Laurel & Hardy playing female versions of themselves in this.

The ‘Our Relations’ and ‘Dual Roles’ Shorts’  DVD has been a treat. It contains three of my favourite films with Laurel and Hardy. I loved it when they were playing doubles in these films. The DVD comes highly recommended and is a joy!

‘Twice Two’ rating – 10/10

‘Our Relations’ and ‘Dual Roles’ Shorts’ DVD rating – 10/10

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