‘We Faw Down’ (Film)

Sons of the Desert


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This Is Not ‘Sons of the Desert’

This is a short film that partly formed the basis of ‘Sons of the Desert’. Stan and Ollie deceive their wives about going to a business arrangement at a theater whereas they are invited to a poker game.

The plot is similar as it’s a theater that gets burnt down instead of a sinking ship and the wives are panic-stricken. But Stan and Ollie are soon discovered when they are invited by ladies at an apartment.

I like these silent films with Stan and Ollie as their slapstick comedy with sound effects make it funny. It’s funny when they come back to their wives and Ollie’s wife doesn’t believe a word he says.

The word ‘Whoopee’ gets used a lot in this short film. It’s when Stan’s being man-handled by a ‘fat’ lady and when he laughs at Ollie changing his story from going to the Orpheum Theater to the Palace.

‘We Faw Down’ rating – 6/10

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