‘A Moving Story’ (TV)



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I enjoyed this episode from ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’. This is an episode where Cecil Parkin moves into the Station Master’s house and everyone in Hatley village helps to move his furniture in. So it takes about four episodes for Parkin to settle in his new home? Where he’s been staying all the time then?

This episode also has May confessing to Ethel about what happened between her and Parkin (sort of). May relates how she met him at a café and gave him one of her ‘reconstituted’ omelettes. Ethel gives a summary to Jack about what May told her and tells him that she should talk to May about it.

One of the things I like about this episode is the introduction of Wilfred, Ethel’s son knocking on the door and saying “Come in!” himself before anyone else does. This is out of confusion when Parkin tells him to knock the door properly and Wilfred doesn’t get it. Wilfred also puts on a very goofy smile.

Everybody including the station staff and the train drivers help to move furniture into Parkin’s house. He’s very grateful and offers to buy everyone a pint of beer in the buffet room (or ‘half a pint’ as Jack says it). I really liked the scene of understanding between Jack and May when they embrace each other.

The episode closes with Parkin about to have a relaxing bath in his house which he’s been looking forward to. He gets interrupted by Vera coming in unannounced to give him his towels as well as by Ethel and May coming in to give him some hot water for the bath when he’s in. That was naughty. 😀

‘A Moving Story’ rating – 7/10

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