‘A Pregnant Pause’ (TV)



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This is the penultimate episode of the ‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’ series. In this episode, May suspects she may be pregnant. This seems to be bad timing as Jack and May are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary. May gets tearful and she shares this news with Ethel in the refreshment room.

May begs Ethel not to tell Jack. Ethel says ‘yes’ of course, but when she tries to secretly shares this news with Vera, Jack overhears when he enters from behind. I like how Jack approaches May in the kitchen about the news. Jack’s not pleased about this news, but he does not lash out on May over it.

Incidentally, I like that Jack booked tickets via Harry for a theatre performance of ‘Oliver!’ for his and May’s wedding anniversary. It goes to show Jack does think about May in a loving way and makes nice gestures of affection to her. I also like how the interaction between Jack and May is played out.

Meanwhile, Arnold the train driver gets to have his own story in this episode. After an accident on a training course learning to drive the new diesel engines, Arnold becomes unhappy and is convinced that he will lose his job. Ralph jokes about it in the refreshment room and Arnold lashes out on him.

Ethel decides to help save Arnold’s job by organising a petition. She and the staff put their names down for the petition. Ethel even tries to get Cecil Parkin to put his name down. But after Parkin refuses to take part in this affair, Ethel puts his name down anyway. Harry also puts his name down.

This ends up with petition having eight fake signatures by Mr. Parkin. Um, surely Richard Spendlove as Mr. Orkindale will notice the signatures are all variant and not the same one when the petition gets sent to him. Arnold later chains himself onto the front of his train engine and protest for his job.

Eventually, the news transpires that May isn’t pregnant and it was a false alarm. I like how willing Jack was to go have another baby with May before she tells him it was a false alarm. Arnold’s job also gets spared when Mr. Orkindale comes to tell him. I like how Ethel supports Arnold in this story.

‘A Pregnant Pause’ rating – 8/10

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