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This ‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’ episode has our main characters getting Hatley station spick and span. Why? Because Dr. Beeching is coming to visit their station, that’s why! Wow! This must be a pretty exciting episode, as our main characters get to meet this man who wants to axe their railway station…

Yeah don’t get too excited. It doesn’t happen. Dr. Beeching doesn’t make an appearance in this episode. Well, okay yes he does. But it’s not the Dr. Beeching you’re expecting. It’s somebody else completely different which must be a cheat. I had no recollection of this TV episode when revisiting it.

This episode features a special guest appearance of Hugh Lloyd as Ernie Bennett. Wow! Hugh Lloyd! I was surprised to see him in this episode. Hugh Lloyd is well-known for starring in ‘Hugh and I’ with Terry Scott. He also did ‘You Rang M’Lord’ as well as the ‘Doctor Who’ tale, ‘Delta and the Bannermen’.

Hugh Lloyd’s character in this episode is the one who tips the wink to Jack, Ethel and Mr. Parkin about Dr. Beeching’s supposed visit to Hatley station. Ernie Bennett is Lady Lawrence’s rolls-royce chauffeur. Angela Easterling guest stars as Lady Lawrence and she previously appeared in the episode, ‘Horse Play’.

The montage where everybody is cleaning up Hatley station was amusing to watch. This includes Wilfred having a hard time cleaning the station; Harry Lambert having his chickens on the loose about the station and Mr. Parkin disapproving of some of the station’s cleanliness. There’s jaunty music too.

I enjoyed the scenes where Su Pollard’s Ethel runs about the station trying to look for Mr. Parkin before she bumps into him and May in the kitchen with a fright. It was also funny when Wilfred looks for Mr. Parkin in his house and knocks him over. Vera even walks in when Mr. Parkin is getting himself dressed.

The highlight of this episode has to be Harry Lambert impersonating Dr. Beeching for a dress rehearsal for Mr. Parkin. Harry doesn’t play the part according to Parkin’s wishes since he asks ‘who’s that man in that signal box?’ It was funny when Wilfred commented that ‘Dr. Beeching’ didn’t look like his picture.

‘Action Stations’ rating – 8/10

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