‘Horse Play’ (TV)



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I enjoyed this ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ episode very much. It starts in Harry Lambert’s signal box, where there’s a nice and sometimes funny scene between him and Vera. Vera and Harry then see the signal on fire. Apparently Wilfred’s not trimmed the wick. Jack, Ethel and Wilfred set things right.

It was funny when Jack, Ethel and Wilfred struggled to sort out the ‘smoking’ signal on the platform before causing trouble. Wilfred accidentally drops the lamp (although that was Harry’s fault for pulling the signal lever) and a small fire is caused on the platform. Parkin is not very pleased about it.

I laughed when Ethel uses the fire extinguisher on the platform and it misfires. After the fire’s put out, the fire extinguisher lets out water on its own and Ethel says “Give over!” to it. I also found it interesting during this series how Jack can be a bully to young Wilfred with him wet behind the ears.

Meanwhile, Parkin mischievously purchases a set of expensive lingerie for May to make up for the eighteen birthdays he missed. Seriously, who buys expensive lingerie for someone’s birthday? Wouldn’t it have been better to purchase a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers? Lingerie is too suggestive here.

It sets Jack on fire when he hears wind of the present from Vera, who accidentally (or deliberately however you may perceive it) lets it slip. Thankfully, when Jack confronts May about this, Ethel spins a story that she bought the lingerie for him. Jack is convinced and is determined to get hanky-panky.

The episode ends when a horse box arrives at Hatley station. Ethel and Wilfred deal with it, but it turns out it’s not a horse inside the box at all. It happens to be a ferocious lion. I’d say it was Leo the Lion. 😀 I found it funny when the lion’s paw tried to get out of the box and Wilfred closed the door.

‘Horse Play’ rating – 7/10

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