‘Lucky Strike’ (TV)



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This ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ episode is a unique one as it focuses on the character of Ralph. In the episode, a wild cat strike occurs among train drivers. Ralph is considering to join the strike, since he’s unhappy with his job. Also he feels it’s his family duty to join it, since the strike is organised by his uncle.

But a warning goes round that if any member of staff at Hatley station joins the strike, the station will be closed down. Ralph doesn’t care though, since he feels everyone thinks lowly of him. Everybody including Arnold tries to persuade Ralph out of joining the strike, but Ralph seems really resilient to join.

Jack doesn’t help matters when he calls Ralph ‘thick’ for joining. In fact, Jack Skinner’s been a kind of a jerk throughout this season. I wonder if he can’t think beyond being a bully. It’s a wonder why May Skinner said ‘yes’ to marrying him. He’s not exactly an ideal role model especially when he’s being jealous.

Beforehand, Ralph wanted to take Gloria, Jack and May’s daughter out on a date. This I can understand, since Gloria is a pretty young girl anyway. But Jack refuses to let Ralph to take Gloria out on a date. In fact, Jack refuses to let any man who’s attracted to Gloria to take her out on a date. Why?

In a need to stop Ralph joining the strike, May tries to persuade Gloria to tell him that she’ll go out on a date with him if he changes his mind about going on the strike. Gloria, understandably, doesn’t want to go out with him on a date. May persuades Gloria, promising to let her have a new bikini. That works?

Jack hears upon on this scheme by May after Ethel reluctantly tells her. He’s unhappy about Ralph taking Gloria out on a date, but agrees to it when May threatens to deny him his conjugal rights – and by that, I mean refusing to let Jack sleep with her and instead sleep in the living room. Wow! Ouch! 😀

‘Lucky Strike’ rating – 7/10

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