‘No Milk For The Minister’ (TV)



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‘No Milk For The Minister’ is the first episode of Series 2 of ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’. I first saw this episode with my parents on Christmas Day in 2009. We didn’t immediately purchase Series 2 of ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ after watching Series 1. We decided to get the complete series on DVD in the end.

This episode starts the second season of this BBC comedy series to a fresh start. Apparently there’s no milk for the people in Hatley since the milkman hasn’t come. Parkin is expecting the Transport Minister to pass by at Hatley Station. May becomes panicky as she has no milk to serve at her buffet.

I felt sorry for Ethel in this episode when she struggles with the new ‘Position Closed’ blind set up by Parkin in the station booking office. Through no fault of her own, her ‘Position Closed’ blind gets damaged by an impatient customer – Daphne Goddard – who also starred in the series’ first episode.

May also gets succumbed to Cecil Parkin’s charms in the episode. I would’ve thought Parkin realised that May was already married and could’ve have given up on getting her back and trying to make him leave Jack. There’s even a moment when the two have a passionate kiss together. Oopsy Daisy!

Jack also becomes a little bit too aggressive for his character in this episode. He gets impatient; mistreats Wilfred unfairly when trying to help and even threatens Parkin with a punch when he was meant to collect the milk for May, but instead Parkin gets Gloria and her friend Amy to get it instead.

Speaking of Jack getting the milk for May, both he and Wilfred try to get some from some nearby cows in a field. But it turns out the cows aren’t cows at all as Harry and Ethel try to warn them. The episode ends with the Minister’s train running past the station reception committee, thanks to Jack.

‘No Milk For The Minister’ rating – 7/10

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