‘Past Love’ (TV)



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Here’s another very enjoyable episode in the ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ series. In this episode, the Hatley station staff receives a delivery of a pig for May’s buffet in the future. I found it funny how the Hatley station staff tries to keep this pig business quiet in order to prevent Mr. Parkin from knowing.

It was funny in the beginning of the episode when Jack, Ethel and Wilfred try to wake up Harry in his house to tell him the milk train’s coming. Ethel throws some gravel at his bedroom window, just in time for Harry to open the window and receive gravel on his face. Ethel apologises to Harry about it.

I found it funny when Harry said he was thinking of having a wash anyway. The Hatley station crew get the pig from Percy, though they have trouble as it makes a lot of noise. Wilfred suggests putting a blanket over it, which works. Gloria is not very happy about putting up with the smell from the pig.

The main plot of the episode though is Sally Grace’s guest appearance as Edna Taylor. Edna is a tax inspector. She also happens to be Cecil Parkin’s fiancée. Interesting that Parkin has a fiancée and that they’ve been engaged for six years. Wow. No rush into it hey, Cecil? Anyway Edna seems bossy.

Edna has come to meet Cecil Parkin as she hasn’t heard anything from him since his arrival and promotion at Hatley station. But she coincidentally missed him as he was on the train she just got off from on the way to have a meeting with Dr. Beeching. And no, Dr. Beeching does not appear in this.

I liked that scene between May Skinner and Edna when they meet and they share differing points of view. Edna later finds a letter from him ending his engagement with her as he’s found the ‘love of his life’. Edna’s not happy about it. This gets so worse when Mr. Parkin falls on top of Gloria on the train.

‘Past Love’ rating – 8/10

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