‘Talking Turkey’ (TV)



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This is the second episode of ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ and it has to be one of my favourites. I remember this episode very well for Oscar the turkey running on the line of a train track. Oscar the turkey happens to belong to Harry Lambert the signalman and it’s meant to be for Christmas dinner.

It was funny when Harry goes into a panic once he sees Oscar running on the train track line. Ethel and Jack get told about this as they run after Harry, who waves a red flag to stop the train as it approaches. The train gets halted, but Ceil Parkin the station master is on board and he’s not happy.

I found it funny when Ethel was going “Gobble, gobble! Gobble, gobble!” since she thinks that’s how turkeys talk from the ‘Oh McDonald Had A Farm’ song. It was funny when Jack told Ethel that turkeys don’t go “Gobble, gobble!” He gives his demonstration of how they talk until Harry gives his version.

Cecil sees Jack, Ethel and Harry for a meeting in his office at 2 o’clock. They manage to convince him that Oscar is one of the British Railway turkeys and also that Harry’s chickens are kept to provide the egg sandwiches for May’s buffet. Paul Shane, Su Pollard and Stephen Lewis are superb in this story.

There’s more hints given about the past relationship Parkin had with May. Jack is suspicious that May and Parkin have met before, but Ethel is there to tell him not to get so paranoid. I found it funny when Jack mimicked Parkin’s posh voice when he gives train announcements on the platform.

‘Talking Turkey’ rating – 8/10

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