‘The Gravy Train’ (TV)



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‘The Gravy Train’ is a fun episode in the ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ series. In the episode, Jack finds a carrier bag containing hundreds of five pound notes. Seeing the window of opportunity, Jack seeks to quit his job at Hatley Station and he even tells Mr. Parkin the station master to ‘stuff’ his own job.

I’ve noticed how arrogant Jack seems to be in Series 2 compared to Series 1. He always seems to be bitter and argumentative about something. Even when other people try to be reasonable, Jack seeks to argue to have his own way. This is the case when he interacts with Cecil Parkin and young Wilfred.

Jack also tries to take advantage when abandoning his post without a leave of absence to see a ‘sick old relative’. This turns out to be a bookmaker at a betting shop. Parkin catches Jack out and berates his conduct for abandoning his post. This prompts Jack to quit his job which shocks Parkin so greatly.

There’s a scene where Jack shows the money to May in the kitchen, to which she’s agog by how much money there is in the carrier bag. Jack considers May keeping the money but she says not to as the money might belong to someone else. May then suggests holding onto it in case of a big reward.

It then transpires from Percy the guard who informs everyone that two men have been arrested for forging five pound notes. This happens to be the same money Jack found in the carrier bag he picked up. May goes into a panic and she soon burns the evidence in order to save Jack’s job at the station.

I liked the sub-plot where Harry does his back in after trying to pick up a penny from the floor in his signal box. He can’t pull the levers in his signal box when a train comes through. It was funny when Ethel pulls the levers for Harry, but it was even funnier when Vera pulls the levers for Harry next day.

‘The Gravy Train’ rating – 7/10

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