‘The Late Mr. Buckly’ (TV)



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I enjoyed this ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ episode very much. In this, ‘The Late Mr. Buckly’ comes to Hatley Station in a coffin via train. He’s been dead for four days. My best mate’s surname is Buckley with an ‘e’. It was so surreal to find another Buckly in this ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ story without an ‘e’.

The Hatley team try to put Mr. Buckly for storage until the undertakers come. But Ethel doesn’t want a coffin in her booking office, so they have to put it in Mr. Parkin’s Station Master office for a short time in the morning. They then contact the local undertaker/funeral director to ask about the coffin.

But it turns out that Mr. Buckly wasn’t meant to go to Hatley station. He was meant to go to another train station entirely. So the Hatley try to get the coffin to Harry’s signal box without Parkin seeing them. This does get tricky when Parkin turns up later that day and Ethel’s attempting to distract him.

I found it amusing when Parkin is told by Ethel that May Skinner wants to see him urgently in her buffet room. But when Parkin sees May, she tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him. It gets amusing as Parkin walks away and says “I’ll never understand women.” I’m sure many males don’t. 😀

I also enjoyed it when Jack, Harry and Wilfred carry the coffin out through Parkin’s window and onto the station platform to get it to Harry’s signal box. Wilfred seems to get buried underneath the coffin and hug onto it whilst it’s on a trolley. Co-creator Richard Spendlove as Mr. Orkindale returns in this.

On Disc 1 of the Complete Series DVD of ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’, there are cast filmographies; a David Croft biography and a picture gallery. The cast filmographies include ones for Julia Deakin; Jeffrey Holland; Stephen Lewis; Barbara New; Su Pollard and Paul Shane.

‘The Late Mr. Buckly’ rating – 8/10

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