‘The Train Now Standing…’ (TV)



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This is another one of my favourite episodes from ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ in Series 1. ‘The Train Now Standing…’ has Mr. Parkin attempting to make a few changes to the way Hatley Station does things. Parkin starts off by trying to get the station to use the old public address system for announcements.

Before that occurs however, there’s a section where Cecil Parkin continues to pine for May. He tries to get to see her in the buffet room before asking her to bring in a cup of tea for him. Jack Skinner gets to be suspicious as well as Ethel Schumann who puts an ear to the station master’s office door.

I found that scene funny when Ethel shares her suspicions to Jack about May and Parkin meeting each other. It was funny when Jack got upset about May giving Parkin an Eccles’ cake and Ethel telling him to stop going on about it. Ethel learnt nothing in her spying on May and Parkin however.

In the scenes where Parkin tries to get to use the old public address system working, it becomes clear that he finds Jack’s pronunciations of the train announcements unclear and not posh enough. Parkin tries to get Ethel to read them instead. She sounds good, but gets very nervous in the process.

It was funny when Ethel read the announcements and got them mixed up when having to do them on the floor. It was also funny when Ethel tried again and her voice sounded like Munchkins on the sound-speaker. Co-writer Richard Spendlove guest stars as Mr. Mr. Orkindale for the first time here too.

‘The Train Now Standing…’ rating – 8/10

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