‘The Van’ (TV)



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Here we are again with another fun episode of ‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’ In this episode, Hatley Railway Station gets itself a new van which happens to be pretty old, rusty and in bad condition. You know something, I don’t think we see that van in ‘Oh Doctor Beeching’ ever again. It didn’t last very long.

I found it amusing when Jack was told by Mr. Parkin to go out and see to the train as it arrived at the platform whilst he was making a special announcement in the refreshment room. This makes Jack very annoyed and he uses bad language when saying “This is ruddy Hatley!” Well, it could be worse.

Not only that, but Ralph, in the train cab, lets off steam from the engine which manages to flood inside the refreshment room. This was funny to watch as everyone became blinded by the smoke and some were coughing from it including Mr. Parkin, who can’t be able to make his announcement.

Co-writer Richard Spendlove makes a guest appearance as Mr. Orkindale. He comes from Head Office to give Mr. Parkin and Hatley station their new van. Stephen Lewis’ character as Harry also runs out of the refreshment room when Mr. Orkindale arrives. Why that is was not clearly explained.

Because Cecil doesn’t have a British Railway’s license, he can’t be allowed to drive the van to take May’s fridge to be fixed. Jack however has a British Railway’s license and he is sent to drive the van and takes May’s fridge instead. Ethel accompanies Jack as she needs to buy a new hat for a wedding.

The scenes where Jack and Ethel struggle to get in and out of the van with the doors sticking shut was fun to watch, especially with Wilfred helping them out. Harry gets a laugh out of it from his signal box. They also help Arnold the train driver who is afraid his wife is locked in the outside toilet.

‘The Van’ rating – 8/10

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