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‘Ton Up’ is the last episode of the complete ‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’ series as well as the finale for Series 2. It’s a shame ‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’ ends here and that it only lasted for two seasons. I’ve enjoyed this BBC comedy series set on an old steam railway station in 1963. It is pretty quaint and humourous.

The last episode ends the series decently as the Hatley station staff discover that their railway station has lasted for a 100 years. They decide to celebrate by having a party as well as getting newspaper coverage for the station’s commemorative anniversary. They do this by dressing up in garb from 1863.

It was nice to see the ‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’ cast getting to dress up in Victorian costumes for a special occasion as this. Many look well suited in their Victorian garb including Jack Skinner and Cecil Parkin. Ethel has trouble with her Victorian dress when she moves it about and can’t get into the station itself.

Wilfred has his moments of comedy in this episode when his hat gets covered in cobwebs. Parkin tells him to clean his hat; then Jack tells him to clean his hat and then his mother tells him to clean his hat. Wilfred does whine a bit when he gets a splinter in his finger. Thankfully the girls weren’t around then.

This episode features special guest…oh my goodness, it’s Windsor Davies as the Lord Mayor. Wow! I was amazed to see him in this. Windsor Davies is well-known for playing Sergeant-Major ‘Shut Up’ Williams in ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’. He also appeared in the ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘The Evil of the Daleks’.

Richard Spendlove also guest stars as Mr. Orkindale in the episode. The Lord Mayor gets to cut the ribbon at the special ceremony and a brass band gets to play with the press covering the occasion for the local paper. However the brass band plays their tune very quickly before getting back on the train.

Everyone is there for the party, although the butcher lets Jack down by refusing to contribute free food including sausages. So everyone has to contend with having just baked beans, pea soup and rhubarb crumble. The episode ends with everyone having…um, windy results that night after the food.

‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’ has been a lovely BBC comedy series to watch. I’m saddened it didn’t last as long as other sitcom shows, but thankfully it did get two seasons out of it. I’ve enjoyed the performances of the cast and the steam railway train situations. But did Dr. Beeching ever axe Hatley?

‘Ton Up’ rating – 8/10

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