‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ (TV)



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I’m not so keen on this ‘Brittas Empire’ episode from Series 6. Perhaps it’s because there are plot and comedic elements that didn’t follow all the way through. Also, there is a sense of a mean spiritedness about this episode. This involves some of the characters that can be quite nasty here. 😐

In this episode, Gordon does recordings of a series of walks in Whitbury Newtown whilst Tim eagerly joins a meditation course to fight stress. I think Tim is way too happy when it comes to handling stress. It annoys Gavin who attempts taking things seriously in his managerial role compared to Tim.

Oh and do you know what Tim’s biggest fear is? Anorak-phobia! No, not arachnophobia as that would normally be understandable. I mean ‘anorak-phobia’. Tim is scared of people in anoraks, thinking of the grim reaper. I know this tale gave Russell Porter some comedic acting, but come on!!!

You, Tim, put us ‘Tims’ to shame! 😀 Gordon also misguidedly places a ‘right of passage’ policy when a public footpath seems to be going through the leisure centre itself. It put me in mind of an ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ episode with a similar plot, although that story is better compared to this here. 🙂

Colin also provides samples of killer disease to Carole for her son Ben to have, since she’s decided to give him chickenpox early. The…thought occurs to me that Carole’s a really awful parent. 😀 Also, who keeps killer disease samples like ‘foot and mouth’ and ‘anthrax’ like Colin does. It’s very insane!

Got a vaccine for Covid-19, Colin?! 😀 Drat! I made this review dated too! 😡 Gordon also manages to infuriate (not surprised by this) a legitimate ‘face in the crowd’ man – played by George Sweeney. I don’t think Brittas should’ve set up that ‘face in the crowd’ competition if he’s going to be unfair. 😐

It also turns out the course instructor, Philip Fox as Harry Johnson, happened to have married Helen years before she married Gordon. I wish this was explored more and it didn’t end up with Harry getting killed off. No seriously, Harry gets killed off! Helen’s upset but Gordon does not react to that.

Well, I mean…he does react but not in the way you think. Gordon’s more concerned about Harry being the competition winner instead of the ‘face in the crowd’ man rather than Helen having another hubby. I also did not like Penny encouraging Helen to leave Gordon for Harry instead here. 😦

‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ rating – 4/10

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