‘An Inspector Calls’ (TV)



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In the third Series 2 ‘Brittas Empire’ episode, Brittas receives a visit from an inspector at his leisure centre. He and his team try to make things good for the inspector once he arrives. Problems ensue however when a pigeon refuses to come down in the gymnasium with so many attempts being tried.

This includes trying to dope the pigeon with some alcohol-filled corn as well as sending up a hawk to get it down. When the hawk doesn’t work, ending up eating the corn instead and getting killed, the hawk’s owner is very angry and aggressive. Brittas ends up in blood and Linda gets concussed in this.

It doesn’t make a good impression when John D. Collins as Mr. Kitson arrives. I was surprised to find that John D. Collins was in this having seen him in ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Them’, ‘You Rang M’Lord’ and ‘Allo ‘Allo’. I’ve also seen him in the ‘Doctor Who’ adventure ‘Arc of Infinity’ with Peter Davison.

It’s feared that Gordon may get the sack from his job as leisure centre manager at Whibury, due to the abysmal attendance figures made since he started. He willingly passes on the responsibility to Laura, who sympathises with his position and the possibility that he might lose his wife (more later).

It’s interesting how Laura sticks up Brittas whilst everyone else is willing to see him off as they sign forms for Mr. Kitson’s inspection. But it turns out that Brittas may not get the sack at all. For Mr. Kitson happens to be a ‘Brittas’ himself during a big meeting! He even goes to say “I have a dream…”

Incidentally, Colin has been trying to sort the pigeon problem out himself! The pigeon seems to have a habit of leaving its droppings in the gymnasium. When told to get the cat, the cat happens to be leave bigger droppings than the pigeon. When he gets the dog, the dog leaves massive droppings. 😀

Going back to Helen, Gordon gave her a birthday present which happened to be a moped instead of a car. Helen wanted a car for ten years and is disappointed when she doesn’t get it. This is partly the reason for why Laura suspects Helen maybe leaving her husband as she goes away for the weekend.

But when Helen learns from Gordon that an inspector came to the leisure centre, she’s surprised that he never told her about it. Gordon didn’t want to worry Helen about it. Overjoyed, Helen lets off the moped business and forgives Gordon for a bit. A really touching, well-written episode here! 🙂

‘An Inspector Calls’ rating – 8/10

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