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It’s time for the last episode of Series 1 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. Series 1 is the shortest season of ‘Brittas’ with six episodes contained. Thankfully, the series gained popularity and went on to have six more seasons after it. The last episode of Series 1 concludes this particular season on a satisfying note.

In the last episode of Series 1, Gordon continues to have concerns about why the centre is not getting enough customers and why they’ve been short-staffed. He continues however to be odious as he offers quite complicated formulas and incentive schemes, especially when he encourages staff to win.

I did like that scene in Brittas’ office when he meets Laura and Colin to discuss the incentive schemes he’s got prepared. Colin’s in a bad state with a neck support; a bandaged leg and having a terrible cold. I laughed as Colin prepared coffee and Laura coughed out hers when her and Brittas’ cups got bits in it. 😀

Gavin isn’t too happy when his good behaviour may land him in a restaurant meal with Gordon Brittas. Once he sees he has too many good stars on the board for behaviour, he tries to take some off and give them to someone else. Brittas sees this and applauds him, giving him two extra stars on the board.

Whilst all this is happening, an assassin is trying to kill Gordon. This happens when Gordon drives the car to work with Helen as her passenger before she takes the car and has an accident. Her arm is in a sling when she meets up with Brittas in her office. He forgets her arm’s in a sling when embracing her.

The assassin in the episode happens to be Mike Carnell as Larry Whittaker. He’s St. Mary parish’s choirmaster. He isn’t happy when Brittas gets involved with the choir and tries to get rid of him. Larry’s attempts to assassinate Brittas go haywire. He tries to gas him in a squash court, but in the wrong one.

Larry makes one more attempt to assassinate Brittas by making him come up to the roof to stop him committing suicide. Brittas comes up as anticipated; but tells Larry that he’s leaving the choir due to his commitments at the leisure centre. Unfortunately, Larry get caught in the trap he prepared earlier.

The episode ends with Laura finding Helen in hospital with a bandaged man that happens to be Brittas. Helen contemplates whether to let Brittas slip away, but Laura – the voice of reason – says he shouldn’t. His dreams of world peace are well-meaning. Helen agrees, putting his life support back on.

The DVD special features for Series 1 of ‘The Brittas Empire’ are as follows. There’s the Brittas Fitness Quiz, web-links, the Royal Variety Performance from 1996 (which should be on the Series 7 DVD), a star profile for Chris Barrie and a stills gallery.

‘Assassin’ rating – 8/10

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