‘At the Double’ (TV)



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This is a ‘Brittas Empire’ episode where Chris Barrie gets to play two characters – Gordon Brittas himself and Vlad, who runs the Ruthenian State Circus. I think Chris Barrie’s performance for Vlad is rather over-the-top, despite him being from abroad and having a foreign accent during the episode.

Brittas has arranged for a performance by the Ruthenian State Circus, not realising that Vlad looks just like him. The Ruthenian State Circus consists of Vlad and two other bumblers, Igor and Boris, which we don’t see. They don’t speak either. Vlad likes to flirt with all the ladies at the leisure centre.

This includes Carole, Linda and eventually Helen Brittas herself. I found it funny when Brittas denies any knowledge of having ‘tickled’ Carole and Linda when they met him as a Vlad. I don’t know why Brittas had to be insensitive, especially when Linda was pleased to hear that ‘he’ called her beautiful.

The episode also features three members of the Chattanooga ‘church’ – led by William Boyer as an ‘American’ (That’s what the episode credits him as). He keeps calling Gordon ‘Mr Bright-ass’. That’s what my Dad sometimes calls Brittas whenever ‘The Brittas Empire’ gets talked about in our home. 🙂

The Chattanooga ‘church’ wants to re-baptise Gordon following his death and resurrection in Series 5. They offer to make him a polygamous elder or even a bishop as well as offering him four wives which goes up to eight wives. Brittas keeps refusing their offers, saying ‘one wife’ is enough for him.

Gavin meanwhile is exhausted from nightly-catering business, not keeping his focus on the managerial job he has. Tim is also sleepy on the job, including having to be at reception before Carole arrives. Colin is also insulted as Brittas refuses to have his herbal potions sold as merchandise.

Helen also becomes depressed since she feels she has a failing sex appeal. This makes her an easy target for Penny, who is suggesting plastic surgery for everyone. I think Penny’s character might be inconsistent, since she seems quite cheekier and friendlier compared to the other episodes she is in.

I found it funny when it goes mayhem since Julie, Gavin and Tim are willing to have Vlad meet Mr. Brittas, even though Linda says it might kill Brittas if he saw his doppelganger. I’m disappointed that we didn’t actually have Brittas and Vlad meet each other as that would’ve been pretty hilarious here.

‘At the Double’ rating – 8/10

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