‘Back from the Dead’ (TV)



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It’s time to begin Series 2 of ‘The Brittas Empire’! And how do we begin this season off? Why, by announcing Gordon Brittas is dead of course! At least, that’s what Helen came in to tell Laura and Brittas’ new secretary Julie as they receive phone calls whilst he’s off at some conference in Bulgaria.

Oh yeah, this episode features the first appearances of Judy Flynn as Julie, replacing Andrée Bernard as Angie from the first season. No explanation is given about what happened to Angie as Julie is simply there without an introduction. My guess is that Angie had enough and she decided to leave. 🙂

But yeah! People are told that Brittas is dead. The Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre staff members are happy and business is booming when the news travels fast. However it’s all too good to be true when Brittas arrives at the leisure centre, suit and all, back from the dead to cause havoc.

It’s funny when Carole was confident about Brittas being dead and not being the weepy figure she’d been in the previous season. It doesn’t last long when she sees Brittas and screams with horror, dropping a woman’s £10 down her cleavage. Brittas is told this once the woman wants the £10 back.

Colin doesn’t help matters when he misunderstands via intercom that Brittas has come back from the dead, taking Carole’s body. Once he and Tim find that’s not the case, Colin comes up with another theory that Brittas might want to take Carole’s baby Ben. Carole goes into frenzy about this.

It was funny when Brittas tried to get back home to tell his wife the ‘good news’ that he’s still alive only to run into Carole with a crane, ready to smash him. Brittas tries to convince Carole that the baby doll he’s got is not real, but she’s so blinded by fury that she smashes with his a cackling laugh.

Brittas is okay as he has to wait until Colin removes the smashed-up roof of the car from him in order to get back home. But once Brittas returns home, he finds that Helen’s about to prepare for a second marriage to someone. She only met him a few days. And its eight days after Gordon ‘died’. 😀

‘Back from the Dead’ is a very good opening episode to Series 2 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. I like how the comedy plays out with the assumption that Brittas is dead only for it to be untrue. It was also funny to see Carole got out on a rage against Brittas with a crane. Helen Thorpe gives her all in those scenes!

‘Back from the Dead’ rating – 9/10

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