‘Back with a Bang’ (TV)



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It’s time for a new era in ‘The Brittas Empire’ series as we begin Series 6 with ‘Back with a Bang’. I can’t say I’m enamoured with the last two seasons of ‘The Brittas Empire’ since the show is under different writers. Also Laura doesn’t appear in the last two seasons at all. Not even a mention of her!

There is a new character we’re introduced to in Series 6 and that’s Anouschka Menzies as Penny Bidmead, the sauna lady for the leisure centre. Now I imagine Penny was meant to replace Laura in the series, but her character doesn’t work for me. Well, at least she doesn’t for the rest of the series.

She’s fine in the first episode in terms of her introduction, but afterwards she becomes unlikeable. I don’t know what the direction was for Penny in the series, but somehow it got changed. If she was a nicer character like she is in the first episode of Series 6, maybe I would’ve appreciated Penny more.

Sadly not! 😦 Anyway, in the first episode of Series 6, Gordon has been put back together as a bionic man after his near-death burial. He seems the same as ever and is happy to be back in Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre, despite returning a day early. He mustn’t be told though that he had died.

In the end, his wife Helen tells him that he was dead after getting frustrated for not having any sex with him. It comes back to Gordon when he recalls what heaven was like. 😀 Linda sees it as an opportunity to study life after death for theological college. Linda is funnier for the last two seasons.

Gordon also learns some unusual financial revelations from Stephen Churchett as Councillor Jack Drugget when he comes to visit him at the leisure centre. Tim and Gavin have a row with each other since Gavin seems too nice to Penny. In the end, Tim seems to turn to…Carole as a love interest?! 😐

Okay, first I think Tim’s a bit too young for Carole. Second, how come it wasn’t Linda instead? Carole also suffers heartbreak and becomes allergic to anything ‘Sound of Music’-related. She was dumped for a nun by Von Trapp of Austria. 😦 Colin also proposes to Julie after she ‘chucked’ her boyfriend. 😀

That was a bit weird for Colin to propose marriage to Julie, even when she had cravings for coal and such. She turns him down however, which makes sense. Colin also remembers the croquet case with the unexploded bomb from Series 5 too late. Helen also drives a car with Gordon into a lake. What?!

‘Back with a Bang’ rating – 8/10

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