‘Biggles Tells A Lie’ (TV)



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This ‘Brittas Empire’ episode features a kitten called Biggles – a brand-new pet for Carole’s baby boy Ben. I found it very funny when Biggles got stuck in a boiler and Mr. Brittas opened a valve to send it shooting out before it landed on its feet. It was very amusing to see. I still laughed out loud seeing it.

But that’s not what this episode is about. In the episode, Colin becomes the leisure centre manager for a day when Mr. Brittas has his day off. He’s almost unrecognisably well-dressed and has no smell to him at all. Everyone, including Carole and Laura, are surprised by how Colin has changed so much.

The reason for it is this. Colin has a daughter – Beth Buchanan as Stephanie – who’s come to see him from Tasmania. In his letters to his daughter, Colin made out he’s the leisure centre manager. He also claimed to have many talents and occupations including a pseudonym author and TV show host.

When Laura hears about this, she gets other members of staff like Julie, Linda and Gavin to help keep up the pretence that Colin is the leisure centre manager for his daughter. I’m glad when Julie and Linda make out Colin is this ‘superhero’ once he gives his daughter a tour of the leisure centre. 🙂

But the pretence may not last long as Mr. Brittas returns to the leisure centre to put back a leisure centre pen he took home one evening. He also can’t resist helping Tim with a boiler problem, leading to the missing kitten Biggles being found. Carole even lies to Brittas the cat doesn’t belong to her. 😀

Meanwhile, it’s discovered that a photograph of Mrs. Brittas is included in a ‘Plaything’ magazine. This is from a past association Helen had with someone. Gavin is told to burn the magazine in the boiler before Mr. Brittas catches him out. Tim is pretty disgusted Gavin would keep such a magazine.

Mr. Brittas eventually finds Colin’s manager name plate on his desk. But surprisingly, after Mr. Brittas tells Colin off for doing the foolish thing he’s done, he supports Colin in his pretence to his daughter. This is especially when she speaks high praise for Mr. Brittas in the letters Colin sent her. 🙂

‘Biggles Tells A Lie’ is definitely one of my favourite episodes in ‘The Brittas Empire’ series. I like how it plays Colin in a different light, especially when he has a daughter and how the other staff members support him. I also like Brittas, in his way, supports Colin’s pretence despite being uncomfortable. 😀

‘Biggles Tells A Lie’ rating – 10/10

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