‘Blind Devotion’ (TV)



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In this second episode of Series 5 of ‘The Brittas Empire’, Gordon Brittas prepares to go to Brussels. He has in mind to appoint Gavin as a new manager for the leisure centre once he’s gone. He also plans to sack Colin whom he considers to be useless. But Laura tells Brittas he won’t find it very easy.

For one thing, Colin is blinded since his garden blew up. Only that could’ve happened to Colin. I’m surprised he didn’t end up being Daredevil with the experiment he was doing in his garden. 😀 Colin also looses his aunt who became his surrogate mother over the years. This Carole informs Brittas on.

It does seem a struggle for Brittas to tell Colin that he’s being sacked when he’s lost his mother. He also loses his canary which flies out through the door of Mr. Brittas’ office, which was slightly amusing. Colin does not know that as Brittas gets Tim to purchase another canary from the pet shop.

Later, Brittas learns that Colin has lost his money on his birthday without realising it. Brittas holds off telling Colin that he’s been fired before it goes pear-shaped. Colin gets been put back on lifeguard duty in the pool and he’s still blind. Colin fails to rescue a young boy struggling to swim in the pool. 😐

Now that was Brittas’ fault of course. Colin ends up knocking most people out and Brittas decides that enough is enough. He orders for Colin’s dismissal typed and most of the staff, including Tim, who got injured by Colin, protest. Brittas is adamant in his decision to fire Colin on this certain day. 😐

I like how Laura gets to talk to Brittas about his decision to fire Colin in his office and telling him that it’s wrong. Brittas challenges Laura that unless Colin proves himself worthy and not unless, he won’t fire him. How fortunate that Colin happens to fix a serious toilet incident throughout the TV episode.

There is an amusing subplot with Carole who tries to get as many people as possible to fill in some questionnaires about the leisure centre’s cafeteria. Tim tells Carole he did them all within a day. Carole doesn’t realise he filled the forms himself whilst she actually tries to get people to fill them in.

Helen also becomes upset about leaving for Brussels when Brittas is going for a new job there. Laura encourages Helen that there are benefits for going to Brussels. The episode ends with Helen seeing Brittas in his office and makes sexual advances on him, which do seem rather out-of-the-blue for me.

‘Blind Devotion’ rating – 8/10

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