‘Body Language’ (TV)



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Here’s the second episode of Series 6 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. To be fair, this episode can be funny especially when Colin becomes convinced he’s seen a giant ice block that could be an alien when it’s broken through the roof. Sometimes the episode goes into a realm of silliness, especially by the end.

In the episode, Gordon becomes obsessed about teaching the leisure centre staff to read and use proper body-language. This doesn’t quite work according to his plan. Some of the leisure centre members like Tim finding his efforts frustrating whilst Julie and Penny see the process as pointless. 😐

It was a little amusing when Gordon groped Linda’s knee as a form of ‘anchoring’ in order to make the one person relaxed. I don’t think that’d be accepted nowadays. 😀 And going back to Penny, I do find her character annoying from this episode onwards. She makes like she doesn’t want to be there.

I can appreciate Brittas getting on her nerves, but she makes out as being unlikeable. If only she was friendlier and not so snobbish towards other people, she could’ve received the help she wanted when the sauna becomes smelly. So far, I don’t think she’s had much camaraderie with other staff. 😦

I mean, apart from Gavin in the first episode, Penny doesn’t seem to have made many friends so far. I wonder why that is. Tim also becomes worried about Gavin when his managerial ‘corruption’ takes its toll. His lover refuses to go home despite some eye trouble caused by some experimental drug. 😐

Honestly, those eye drops Gavin was using are pretty common now. Don’t know what the problem is. Might be a stronger form of eye drops here! It goes out of control when Gavin causes a girl to crash into the swimming pool after climbing out. Brittas calls it a form of ‘bad anchoring’, which is funny. 🙂

It was strange for Helen to have sold the Brittas’ house by mistake for some American couple to move in. Even Brittas is oblivious about the fact that Helen moved all the furniture out to be put in the leisure centre reception hall. I think that excuse made up by Carole for Helen’s benefit was too easy.

The episode concludes the block of ice, which turns out to be frozen urine (Ugh!!!) splashing all over Brittas in Colin’s room down in the basement. It’s funny when the plants in Colin’s room happen to be aliens before beaming out. When did ‘The Brittas Empire’ become a sci-fi show all of a sudden? 😀

‘Body Language’ rating – 8/10

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