‘Bye Bye Baby’ (TV)


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In the third episode of ‘The Brittas Empire’, Gordon Brittas is hoping to improve communications with his staff by having one-to-one coffee conversations with them. This doesn’t go entirely according to plan, with many people off-sick and obviously not many people liking Mr. Brittas much.

This episode also highlights Carole’s character more. She’s still weepy at this stage as she’s worried about her baby. She’s now keeping her baby Ben in the reception desk drawers since her mother can’t look after him. Laura is quite appalled as she knows if Brittas found out, he’ll confiscate the baby.

The episode also introduces Carole’s husband Brian Stephen as Derrick. Derrick wants to reconcile with Carole after…well, he wanted to have sex with her on the photocopier at an office party. How that would work, I don’t know. But it’s best not to think about it. Anyway, it goes disastrously wrong.

There’s a misunderstanding when Colin mixes up the babies in the reception desk. Colin puts in a black baby of a black mother instead of Carole’s baby. Derrick amuses that the black baby belongs to Carole. It is funny how that plays out but it’s sad when Derrick calls Carole a ‘bastard’ and rejects her.

Carole goes back to being weepy again. A shame since she’d been confident for a while. 😀 Oh by the way! Get this! The black mother who had her child stolen? She’s Mrs. Walsh played by Jo Martin! Jo Martin would later play the Doctor in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Fugitive of the Judoon’! WOW!!!!!!!

The episode also has David Dexter as schoolboy Peter Philips enquired about a school tie he mislaid at the leisure centre. But Brittas’ approach to finding the tie for the boy causes a queue. I appreciate how the boy feels since he gets impatient, pretending to have found the tie in the lost property box.

Tony Millan guest stars as Ken Owen, a man who comes to give a lecture on stress management, only to get stressed himself. I have checked and apparently Tony Millan did some ‘Doctor Who’ audios for Big Finish including ‘Mother Russia’, ‘Judoon in Chains’ and ‘The Secret History’. Uncanny!

‘Bye Bye Baby’ is a good ‘Brittas Empire’ episode. It’s a shame Carole’s husband didn’t realise the black baby in the reception desk drawer wasn’t hers as well as schoolboy Peter getting arrested for stealing a tie and Ken Owen going for Brittas’ throat at the end. But what do you expect from Brittas? 😀

‘Bye Bye Baby’ rating – 7/10

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