‘Exposed’ (TV)


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This is a very entertaining penultimate episode of ‘The Brittas Empire’ series, but having watched it again for this review, I question a lot of the choices of characters’ actions. This isn’t just with Mr. Brittas himself but also with Colin and Carole, who are likely able to put the leisure centre in danger.

The episode features Michael Fenton Stevens, who has done quite a number of Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’ in recent years. He plays Roger Ferguson, a Crusader TV reporter whose budget has been exhausted by a Nigerian trip. He chooses Whitbury New Town leisure centre as his next target.

Ferguson convinces Brittas that he’s making a ‘documentary’. Brittas becomes confident about his leisure centre being top focus, due to him having experience obtained from a PR course. He hopes for favourable publicity and even hires Lawrence Elman as gorgeous model Brett Daniels to help out.

Specifically, Brett is to stand in for Colin whilst the documentary is being made. I think it’s mean of Brittas to have Colin be replaced by a model, simply because he’s not camera-friendly. Colin meanwhile has a few tropical rodents having a swim in the pool, much to Linda’s horror and disgust.

The ‘rat’ begins spreading ‘Bobula fever’ after doing a ‘whoopie’ in the pool from eating the black pudding Colin gave him. Very soon, Gordon’s over-confident ‘damage control’ makes it all the more worse. Brett Daniels is the first victim of the fever before more people in the pool catch the disease.

Watching this episode makes me think Brittas would be very bad at handling the Covid-19 pandemic. 😀 It gets bad when it ‘preventively’ attracts the press after Brittas tried to deny the outbreak’s existence on the phone. Thankfully, this fever gets contained, thanks to a good counteractive serum.

It turns out that Colin’s rats weren’t the cause of the fever. It was Ferguson, following his trip to Nigeria, I believe. Helen even has a score to settle with Ferguson since she met him during a therapy session. This is recorded on a videotape that Ferguson made to expose the leisure centre’s failings. 😐

It was funny to watch that videotape. Not only does Ferguson record a diseased Brett and other leisure centre attendees trapped in the squash courts; but he finds rats in the toilets put there by Colin, a burning boiler caused by Carole and being chased by Helen to end up in his car with a snake.

‘Exposed’ rating – 8/10

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