‘Gavin Featherly R.I.P.’ (TV)


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It’s nice to have a ‘Brittas Empire’ episode focus on Gavin for a change. I know he had his assistant deputy manager arc in Series 5, but here’s a Series 7 episode where the focus is mostly on him. And he’s presumed dead at the beginning of the episode before we cut to a flashback on what occurred.

Gavin has been listening to some soothing music on a cassette tape lent to him by Helen Brittas. But Gordon tells him off and makes him confess when it turns out Gavin has recorded a copy of the tape lent to him by Helen so that he can keep and listen to. He makes him confess to a record company. 😦

As the leisure centre staff are about to be dragged to a shaggy sea resort for the annual ‘team building’ event, Gavin receives a letter from the record company as they sue him to pay £10,000. Gavin becomes anxious and depressed over this and he even has a nightmare about the whole thing.

Gavin takes Colin’s experimental spud-powered motorboat to sea (How they took it there isn’t explained. Was Colin’s motorboat inflatable?) and he goes missing for a couple of days. Gordon assumes Gavin’s dead and organises a cheap ‘funeral’ without telling the family there isn’t a body. 😮

It was nice to see Gavin’s parents in this. They include Donald Pickering as Colonel Feathering, who’s been in a few ‘Doctor Who’ stories and an episode of the original ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. There’s also Rowena Cooper as Mrs. Featherly, who apparently has done a Lord Peter Wimsey serial.

Tim is very upset about Gavin being presumed dead as he blames himself for writing the letter. It was meant to be a practical joke since Gavin worried over nothing regarding the copyright infringement. He becomes furious later on when he learns Gavin hadn’t told his parents about him.

Meanwhile, French pirates pick up Gavin and they put him for sale as a slave. Gavin tries to phone Tim at the leisure centre. Overjoyed, Tim tries to tell everyone that Gavin is still alive. Brittas and everyone else don’t believe it and he’s left locked up in the leisure centre. That’s so cruel and harsh.

At the funeral, Linda is in charge of the service before Carole plays a piano piece that ends up disastrously. The coffin ends up having a dead dog inside, put there by Colin, which once belonged to Helen. Thankfully, Gavin turns up at the funeral – so surprised to see his family and friends there. 😀

‘Gavin Featherly R.I.P.’ rating – 8/10

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