‘High Noon’ (TV)



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Here we are on the season finale for Series 4 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. As I’ve stated before, Series 4 is my favourite season of the comedy show. I was satisfied with how Series 4 ended in this finale and how Brittas got back to be manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. But did he deserve it? 😀

The episode begins with Brittas now having a new job as a petrol station attendant. Laura isn’t so surprised when she sees him continuing his obsession for the rules which causes endless lines of unhappy clients. Soon, Helen tells Laura that Gordon has been already sacked. Are you surprised? 😀

Meanwhile at the leisure centre, everything is bustling with activity. Only Colin seems to miss the endless staff meetings and other nonsense that Mr. Brittas enforced during his time as leisure centre manager. Everybody seems happy to be getting on with their work and getting customers every day.

There is one downside however. The new manager of the leisure centre happens to be Bruce Alexander as Alan Digby. And he’s not good news. He’s nothing like Mr. Brittas and he seems to be irresponsible with smoking; cleanliness in his office and even leaving the centre to go off to the pub.

Digby also seems to have a temper when Mr. Brittas is around. Brittas sometimes comes to the leisure centre for a daily visit and gives unwanted detail ‘suggestions’ on how to run the leisure centre properly. I’m not sure who employed Digby as leisure centre manager since he’s not ideal. 😐

Brittas meanwhile delivers a weather clock as a gift to his leisure centre staff. He installs it himself and tinkers with the timetable, annoying Digby further. He also gets into trouble with exasperating Al Ashton as a gas delivery truck driver who pursues after him and throttles him in the leisure centre.

Disaster ensues however, when a dangerous incident involving a gas leak ensues in the centre during Alan’s trip to the pub. Thankfully Gordon is there to ‘save the day’ and rescue everyone, including Carole’s little son Ben as well as hold a beam to get everyone out. People call him a hero in this tale.

Mind you, I would debate that since it was Brittas’ new weather clock that caused the leisure centre to blow up as well as causing a drill to smash into a wall which started the gas leak in the first place. By the way, Adjoa Andoh, who played Francine, Martha Jones’ mum in ‘Doctor Who’ is a TV news reporter in this called Janine. Overall, ‘High Noon’ has been a very satisfying episode to end Series 4.

The DVD special features for Series 4 of ‘The Brittas Empire’ are as follows. There’s a web link and a stills gallery.

‘High Noon’ rating – 9/10

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