‘In the Beginning’ (TV)



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This episode was meant to close off ‘The Brittas Empire’ series for good as I understand it. But I assume based on the success of Series 5 and this Christmas Special in 1994, it was decided to continue the series for two more seasons. It’s a big shame Laura didn’t come back after this Special.

This Christmas Special begins in the future in the year…please let it not be 2020…okay, it’s 2019. The ‘Brittas’ characters are safe in that year. Phew! 😀 Anyway, the Whitbury leisure centre staff, who are now older, meet up on New Year’s Eve to commemorate their very first New Year’s Eve together.

And this is where a continuity error comes in. Apparently the flashback scenes are supposed to take place in the year 1989. Except the show didn’t start in 1989! It began in 1991. Okay, if the flashback scenes are supposed to take place around the show’s first season, maybe it could take place in 1989.

Except, the leisure centre and the characters look like they’ve come from Series 5. The leisure centre looks newly built from much later on in the series; Laura’s hair is blonder than usual compared to her Series 1 look and Julie isn’t Brittas’ secretary by that point. It should be Angie in about that time.

So, whoopsy there! I suppose it could be suggested that the Christmas Special takes place in an alternative reality considering Brittas’ ‘death’ at the end of Series 5 doesn’t get mentioned. Anyway, the leisure centre staff’s first New Year’s Eve together involves having to stay locked in the centre. 😮

This is due to there being a heavy snowy blizzard outside during the Christmas period. Brittas does his best to try and keep his leisure centre staff full of morale and not lose hope when they’re locked inside the leisure centre. It doesn’t help matters when the food supplies become lower by a minute.

They’re also low on heat and electricity in the leisure centre. Thankfully, through a lot of grudging and groaning, the leisure centre team work together to keep going and even celebrate New Year’s Day in fancy dress costumes by the end. Weird! 😀 Brittas is even allowed to join in the festivities! 😀

‘In the Beginning’ isn’t what I would call a great Christmas Special in ‘The Brittas Empire’ series. The continuity issues about the story’s placements are a little tricky to get my head around. But overall, this was a decent Christmas Special to watch and it was fun to see those 2019 future scenes in this. 🙂

The DVD special features for Series 5 of ‘The Brittas Empire’ are as follows. As well as this 1994 Christmas Special, there’s a stills gallery and a web link.

‘In the Beginning’ rating – 7/10

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