‘Laura’s Leaving’ (TV)



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This ‘Brittas Empire’ episode has Laura about to go for a job interview to be a leisure centre manager in London. Mr. Brittas is very supportive of Laura going for an interview and gives him some words of advice – despite her being dressed smart and having lipstick already. Laura takes it so well however.

Helen however is upset about Laura leaving. She doesn’t want her to go since she considers Laura a friend. Helen is also afraid that Laura might be the only person who can keep the leisure centre stable. That’s not the case for Series 6 and 7, but it’s something to worry about when we come to it.

This episode features Paul Humpoletz as maths teacher Mr. Jackson. A maths teacher with a shotgun, I might add. 😀 Mr. Jackson’s patience gets tested when he’s unable to get a cup of coffee from the vending machine. He has to go through the paperwork and camera check to get his refund.

It was funny when the coffee machine squirted his trousers at one point. Once the patience reaches its limit, Mr. Jackson opens fire his shotgun to get what he wants. This is after Brittas sacks Carole; Colin and nearly everyone else when disaster strikes in the centre’s swimming pool during a baptism.

Yeah. Perhaps I should explain that.  You see, Colin comes into work with concussion. He can’t remember things so he’s unfit for work. Mr. Brittas doesn’t do the sensible thing of sending him home and instead instructs him to raise the heat in the swimming pool. This is where disaster occurs.

Colin applies a dangerous method to heat the swimming pool with an electric heater whilst the pool is filled with Pentecostals holding a baptism ceremony. To be fair, Brittas pulls the cable and the electric heater is dropped into the pool, electrocuting the Pentecostals and causing power to go out.

Carole also gets fired when Brittas sees she’s brought her babies back into the leisure centre to provide baby care. Brittas told Carole not to do it and she disobeyed. Brittas’ temper flares up by this point, hence why he’s driven to provoke the whole staff. Thankfully, Laura returns on the case here.

Laura suggests to Brittas to change Carole’s role of receptionist and have her become in charge of the nursery to take care of her children. Mind you, I think Carole’s still receptionist for the rest of the series. Laura also turns down the job of leisure centre manager in London, so much to Helen’s relief.

‘Laura’s Leaving’ rating – 8/10

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