‘Mr. Brittas Falls In Love’ (TV)



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In this ‘Brittas’ episode, Mr. Brittas falls in love! No, not with another woman! He’s fallen in love with a dolphin! This is from touring European leisure centres for the EU. He and his wife Helen encountered a dolphin called Ingrid on their journey to Europe. Brittas believes they are therapeutic.

When he shares this to his staff, Brittas plans to hold a special healing day called ‘dolphin day’ next Tuesday in order to allow the visitors to interact with the dolphin in the leisure centre swimming pool. Only Linda is firmly against Gordon’s healing day since she considers that to be ‘animal abuse’.

This is a side we’ve not seen often enough in Linda before. I don’t know if Linda’s ‘animal rights’ views have been introduced before, but it’s nice to see that side of her character highlighted in this episode. For the most part, Linda’s been fiercely loyal to Brittas. Here, she may not be so loyal to him.

Tim also gets the chance to demonstrate his culinary skills when making food in the canteen. I suppose this makes a nice change in Tim’s career at the leisure centre since he felt under-valued and under-paid in the previous episode. Alas his culinary heights are wasted on the clients except Carole.

That might down to the menus being pricey. 😐 Also on the ‘dolphin day’, Brittas has someone from a comprehensive school come in for work experience. This is Vicci Avery as Rosemary Rawlinson. Unfortunately she has a speech and hearing impediment. It does get on Mr. Brittas’ nerves a bit here.

Rosemary also ends up working with the ever disgusting Colin. I hope Rosemary didn’t have to be with Colin for the two weeks she was meant to be spending at Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. Mind you, Rosemary probably didn’t end up doing two weeks as she was almost eaten by a shark. 😮

Yeah, about that! Julie messes up Gordon’s order for live dolphin Wally and Tim’s order for shark fillet. So, in the end, the ‘dolphin day’ attendees get a shark instead of a dolphin. That was really funny! I bet Julie couldn’t be bothered about making that error when Brittas told her off afterwards.

Linda also mobilises a small array of animal right activists. This ends up having her colleague Tim be injured in chickens cages and soon the animal rights activists have the dolphin-now-shark removed out of the leisure centre and put back in the sea. Brittas in unaware of Linda doing this in the tale! 😐

‘Mr. Brittas Falls In Love’ rating – 8/10

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