‘Mums and Dads’ (TV)



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We have a music concert of a ‘Brittas Empire’ episode here. Well, sort of…but not really. You see, Mr. Brittas arranges for a Russian pianist – Damien Thomas as Vladimir Petro – to come and give his first free world concert as a charity benefit in Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. It doesn’t go well.

This episode also has Gordon Brittas reunited with his dad – Robin Parkinson as Jim Brittas. Robin Parkinson has been in ‘Allo ‘Allo’ as well as been the narrator of ‘Button Moon’. I enjoyed him as Mr. Brittas’ father. I don’t think he does match to how Gordon behaves, but he thinks highly of his son.

It was funny when Jim Brittas brought in an old piano and Gordon mistook it for the one he hired for the concert. He outright accuses Jim for being incompetent before Helen points out that he’s his father. I’m surprised Gordon didn’t recognise Mr. Brittas. Surely I would’ve recognised my own dad!

It was fascinating to hear the history of Gordon Brittas’ family in the episode. It’s revealed that Gordon’s mother died when he played the old family piano. Gordon also happens to have a twin brother – Horatio. Although we do not get to see Horatio here, it seems he went to be in the church.

It’s equally funny when the concert model and pianist Vladimir Petrov arrive and Gordon doesn’t even register him when he arrives. Gordon also causes parts of the leisure centre to be dangerous when Petrov’s in the building. This all results in Petrov being able to play the piano when hit by one!

Earlier on, the piano that Gordon hired but was dumped upon by the lorry drivers is unable to get into the gymnasium where he wants it. After it’s revealed that it can heard really well in the reception area, all thanks to Carole’s playing it, Gordon decides to hold the concert in the reception.

Just to talk about Carole’s piano playing; it seems that she’s a really good piano player. She certainly impressed Vladimir when he was hearing it in his own room far away from reception. I don’t think it was Harriet Thorpe playing the piano though. It must be the pianist identified in the episode’s credits.

Once Vladimir is out of action from playing the piano, Gordon ends up doing the concert himself with Tim and Gavin helping him. Everyone in the audience doesn’t care for Gordon’s singing and a few even leave. Laura reveals to Helen and Jim Brittas that she gave Gordon the idea to do the show.

‘Mums and Dads’ rating – 8/10

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