‘New Generations’ (TV)



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It’s time for the season finale to Series 2 of ‘The Brittas Empire’! And it’s a pretty good episode. For it sees Carole giving birth to twins whilst at the leisure centre. It’s pretty amusing with intriguing proportions. Also, it doesn’t see Gordon Brittas messing things up in a crisis. Well, not exactly here. 🙂

It’s Colin who sets things in motion here. For you see, pregnant Carole gets given some herbs by Colin. She eats them whilst she’s having sandwiches for lunch. It causes Carole to go into labour pretty earlier. This annoys Brittas when he has to put a sauna out of action and puts Carole in there.

There’s also another issue raised. A farmer’s cow named Buttercup, played by Dawn, owned by Derek Benfield as Mr. Franklin, eats the box of herbs which was put away by Gavin at the back of the leisure centre. Soon, the cow goes into labour too and ends up having to give birth in a squash court.

It’s all hands on deck with Carole in the sauna and Buttercup the cow in the squash cow. A vet and a doctor soon get called in on the jobs, but the vet ends up doing Carole whilst the doctor ends up doing the cow. This is a bizarre crossover of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and ‘Call the Midwife’. 😀

The vet is Ian Lindsay as Mr. Garrick (Sidney) along with his dog played by Roger. 😀 The doctor is Brian Gwaspari as Newcombe, who was playing squash at the time. The vet does Carole well as does the doctor who does the cow very well. Newcombe is quite a charmer to Linda who helps him out. 🙂

Thankfully, Carole has her twins whilst the cow has her calf. Helen also informs Laura that she’s pregnant. Delighted to hear the news, Laura becomes surprised that Helen about to have twins is a coincidence since Carole had twins herself. Apparently, twins in babies seems a Brittas genetic code.

But Helen isn’t surprised since Brittas mistook Carole for her when they both dressed up as tigers on Julie’s New Year’s party. So that means Carole is the mother of Brittas’ twins too and he doesn’t know about it. Helen decides not to tell Carole or Brittas about this revelation which is so interesting.

The episode concludes with Brittas hearing the news from Helen that she’s pregnant. Brittas is pleased to hear the news. I like that a Biblical reference was made in the episode where Brittas ‘begat’ his sons at the episode’s end. All in all, a very satisfactory conclusion to Series 2 of ‘Brittas’! 🙂

The DVD special features for Series 2 of ‘The Brittas Empire’ are as follows. There’s the Brittas Management Quiz, the ‘Good Morning’ interview (which should be on the Series 5 DVD), web-links, a star profile for Pippa Haywood and a stills gallery.

‘New Generations’ rating – 8/10

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