‘Opening Day’ (TV)



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This episode is my favourite out of Series 1 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. It has more slapstick to it and there’s plenty of comedic timing. This is especially when things go disastrously wrong towards the end as Mr. Brittas takes charge of the leisure centre’s opening day and welcoming the Duchess of Kent . 🙂

That’s the plot of the episode! In fact, this was the first episode of Series 1 that I saw after my parents and I saw Series 5 on DVD. It would’ve made a great first episode had it been shown first. But then again, the first episode needed to set up the characters. So, I guess it makes sense to have it as the second.

Mr. Brittas’ plans for the big opening day at Whitbury Leisure Centre go awry when a few staff walk out on him; the entrance doors don’t work and the heating’s on the blink. This episode features Declan Mulholland as boilerman Mr. Barnes, who used to be in the navy before getting a ‘knock’ on the head.

I’ve seen Declan Mulholland in two ‘Doctor Who’ stories including ‘The Sea Devils’ and ‘The Androids of Tara’. It was funny when Brittas spoke to Barnes in a navy-like manner in order to get him to heat the centre at ‘war speed’. It backfires when Barnes makes it too hot in the leisure centre, which is funny.

Barnes believes that they’re sinking when water pours in from the boiler room. This is due to the brand-new swimming pool leaking which the builders don’t tell Brittas about. Actually, they almost tell Brittas about the swimming pool leak, but they get insulted over uncleanliness in being up all night.

Through a series of misunderstandings, Brittas sends away an electrician who should’ve fixed the malfunctioning door at the entrance to the leisure centre. This is because Brittas thought the electrician was Laura’s black friend for the welcome of the Duchess and disapproved of his dress sense.

That was quite amusing. 😀 It was even more amusing when most of the Brittas team gets locked in the leisure centre and can’t get out whilst Colin’s outside with the keys to the fire doors. It gets hotter and hotter inside while Brittas is appalled at Colin shaking hands with the Duchess of Kent upon arrival.

It was amusing by the climax when a well-meaning boy scout tries to fix the automatic door in order to let the Duchess in and to let everyone be relieved of the heat. But it’s all too good to be true when the boy scout faints. Brittas soon comes up with an inspired idea. All in all, a very entertaining episode!

‘Opening Day’ rating – 9/10

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