‘Playing with Fire’ (TV)



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This is another enjoyable episode in Series 4 of ‘The Brittas Empire’. It’s also an episode that sheds light on Gavin’s character. For you see, we’re introduced to his fiancée – Helen Patrick as Jennifer Young. This is really unusual as Gavin is mostly in a relationship with Tim’s character in the TV series.

This episode also doesn’t feature Pippa Haywood as Helen. Apparently, Helen (conveniently) booked a week in Cornwall a week before Gordon’s leave. This might be one of the rarest occasions where Helen doesn’t appear in an episode. In fact, I believe this might be the only episode without Helen. 😐

It allows Gordon to have more of a relationship with Laura, especially as he shares how he’s managing to cope on his own. Laura invites him to supper one evening when he’s living alone. Initially, he thinks on it; then decides to kindly refuse the offer before accepting the offer in the end.

Gordon is also focused on his job to worry about Helen as he becomes concerned about conserving energy at the leisure centre. He also produces a mountain of forms to be filled in for the use of electrical equipment. Colin plays his part building a methane digestion system for human bio-waste.

But back to Gavin’s fiancée Jenny! She turns up after being five years aboard and having had amnesia. Gavin is surprised to find Jenny turning up at the leisure centre and Tim, Gavin’s partner isn’t happy with this situation. Mr. Brittas doesn’t notice and he champions the welcome for Jenny. 🙂

It was intriguing to hear the story of Gavin’s relationship with Jenny when he shares it to Laura and other members of staff like Linda and Julie. Apparently, Jenny was in psychiatric therapy for years after her parent’s traumatic accident. This turned her into a pyromaniac and it seems she’s unstable.

This is especially when Gordon unwittingly angers Jenny by refusing to let her and Gavin go and do some house-searching. Gordon gets into trouble when Jenny cages him in Colin’s methane machine and she lets out her anger on him. Thankfully, it allows Jenny to remember who her parents were. 🙂

It was amusing when Gordon got electrocuted in Colin’s basement once his methane machine was in working order. I’m surprised Gordon didn’t die following that electrocution. In the end, Gavin is free of Jenny’s ‘clutches’ and doesn’t have to marry her. What will become of Gordon and Laura though?

‘Playing with Fire’ rating – 8/10

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